Shot Blasting


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Shot Blasting

Kilkishen Coatings provides sand blasting and shot blasting services to meet the needs of customers requiring industrial sandblasting. We use the very latest sand blasting and shot blasting equipment to provide efficient, quality preparation or restoration of virtually any surface.

It essential that all mill scale, rust and previous coatings have been totally removed prior to painting and coating so that the new coatings are able to adhere to the steel. Coating over anything other than a bare metal surface will lead to premature failure of the coating, rectification will be expensive as the coatings will have to be removed, the steel surface prepared properly and new coatings applied.

Shot blasting will ensure that the steel is cleaned to bare metal, SA3 finish which is clean room standard, giving the best possible surface essential for the application of paint, powder and other coatings.

We have various methods of shotblasting, which we apply as appropriate to the job. Shotblasting is appropriate for blasting ferrous metals and we blast using fine steel grits and ball shot to give a clean uniform finish.

Other blast media we use for different substates include

  • Chilled Iron
  • Glass
  • Aluminium Oxide
  • Garnet

All work can be carried out to customers' specification and maintained by digital measurement.